Fraternity Fundraisers – Most Effective Fundraisers

Most non profit organizations provide the communities where they serve with valuable programs that the communities would not otherwise have. Often, families and individuals that are not able to afford their basic needs are the beneficiaries of these services. It is necessary golf tournament prize ideas for the non-profit organization to adopt a very aggressive fundraising program in order to raise the money that is needed to maintain the level of service that they want to provide to their community.

Some of the many fundraising options may include writing grants, soliciting for cash donations, and hosting special events. The special events often include golf tournaments, dinners, walk-a-thons, raffles, and auctions just to name a few. One popular fundraising method includes the sale of items. A specified portion of the sale will go directly to the agency to help with their cause. One favorite event is selling fundraising cookies to help reach their financial goals.

Fundraising cookies, when sold by non-profits is a terrific revenue generator and can surely be a successful fundraiser. All of the benefits received by all parties involved contribute to the appeal of the sale of fundraising cookies.

There are three main benefits of selling fundraising cookies.

1. The organization benefits because they have the means to secure the resources needed to fulfill the mission statement in their community. The majority of the sale goes directly to the not for profit organization. Sometimes the net proceeds will be nearly 70%. The remainder covers the cost of the product, shipping and promotion. Normally they are able to keep the costs of promotion very low because volunteers usually participate in the sale of these fundraising cookies.

2. The second benefit of the sale of fundraising cookies is realized by the recipients of the service that is provided by the organization. Often the clients are young. The exception service that they receive often has an impact on many areas of their life including their mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional components.

3. The third basic benefit of distributing and selling fundraising cookies as a means of generating income is enjoyed by the person actually selling the product. Often the fundraising cookies are sold by a young person. The opportunity that this experience gives a youth is invaluable. They learn the importance and gratification of contributing to their community as well as basic skills. This experience can help build their self confidence as well as teaching the value making and reaching goals.

One major reason that selling fundraising cookies is so successful is that the person that buys a package of fundraising cookies has something yummy in return. Normally the fundraising cookies are offered in a variety of flavors. These flavors can include chocolate, mint, or peanut butter. If you are looking for a great fundraiser for your group, perhaps selling delicious fundraising cookies is the win-win situation needed.