What is a Banner Ad and How Does it Work?

What is a banner advertisement? It’s a graphical (image) advertisement used online that links to the advertiser’s website.

Banner sizes are measured in pixels. The most common size online is 468 x 60. This means 먹튀폴리스 it’s 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high.

There are many other sizes of banner advertisements. These sizes are also common:

120 x 240 – Vertical Banner

125 x 125 – Button Banner

120 x 60 – Mini Banner

88 x 31 – Micro Banner

234 x 60 – Half Banner

This type of image advertisement can be animated or static. A static ad is one that does not change or blink. An animated ad is one that blinks through different frames or images.

How does it work? Think of a banner ad as a billboard along the information super-highway. It’s an image advertisement designed to quickly catch the attention of the person driving (surfing) by, and get them to take action. With a banner ad, the ideal action you’re after is to get that internet surfer to click your ad to visit your site.

You can see banners at almost any major internet site. Your favorite news website or chat forum probably have banner ads displayed in various areas. The advertiser purchases that spot by paying a certain monthly fee to the website that displays their ad. When a surfer clicks on any of the banner ads, they are directed to the advertisers website where they can then take action to sign up for a newsletter, buy a product, or just browse for a few minutes.

An effectively designed and placed banner ad can be a good way to advertise your product or service online.